Saturday Evening Movies

  • 6:30PM

    The inspiring true story of Pearl Carter Scott. Growing up in Marlow, Oklahoma in the late 1920s, this young Chickasaw girl overcomes numerous obstacles and rises above adversity to become the...

    Sep. 30 Pearl – 2010 – Rated G
  • 6:30PM

    Junior, the top delivery stork on Stork Mountain, is up for a promotion when an adorable baby girl appears for delivery. There is only one problem—storks are no longer supposed to deliver babies,...

    Oct. 7 Storks – 2016 – Rated PG
  • 6:30PM

    The paths of five high school students cross when they accidentally stumble upon an ancient alien ship and acquire superpowers from magical coins. When an old enemy returns to wreak havoc on...

    Oct. 14 Power Rangers – 2017 – Rated PG-13
  • 6:30PM

    Join Dracula, Frankenstein and the monster gang as they gather at Hotel Transylvania away from the human world. As Dracula prepares for his daughter’s 118th birthday, the annual party is disrupted...

    Oct. 21 Hotel Transylvania – 2012 – Rated PG
  • 6:30PM

    Cowboys Curly and Will wish to earn the affections of Laurey and Ado Annie, but wooing them proves to be difficult. Curly and Will must outshine Jud, a ranch hand for Laurey’s aunt, and Ali Hakim,...

    Oct. 28 Oklahoma! – 1955 – Rated General Audience