Saturday Evening Movies

  • 6:30PM

    Things are always interesting when Grandma comes to town—especially when Grandma is a witch! Aggie comes to town to visit her daughter and grandchildren on Halloween. She wishes to begin training...

    Oct. 20 Halloweentown – 1998 – Rated G
  • 6:30PM

    Nightclub entertainer Larry Todd and his partner, Myron, must flee police and a band of mobsters when Larry erroneously believes he has killed one of the gangsters. They hitch a ride to Cuba with...

    Oct. 27 Scared Stiff – 1953 – Rated for General Audiences
  • 6:30PM

    In Flagstaff, Arizona, 22 tribal representatives – one from each federally recognized tribe – will compete in the first annual World Wide Frybread Association’s Arizona State Chapter Championship....

    Nov. 3 More Than Frybread – 2011 – Rated PG
  • 6:30PM

    A donkey named Bo escapes his life at the local village mill and sets off on the adventure he has always dreamed of. Along the way he teams up with a sheep named Ruth, a dove named Dave, three...

    Nov. 10 The Star – 2017 – Rated PG
  • 6:30PM

    Three years later, Owen and Claire have found their way back to Isla Nublar after learning that the volcano on the island is now active and threatening the lives of the dinosaurs. Owen sets out to...

    Nov. 17 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – 2018 – Rated PG-13
  • 6:30PM

    Elizabeth Lane is one of the most successful food columnist in the country. She writes about being the perfect housewife, taking care of her children, being a cook, and living on a farm. But all...

    Nov. 24 Christmas in Connecticut – 1945 – Rated for General Audiences