Saturday Evening Movies

  • 6:30PM

    Jack London’s classic adventure novel is brought to life in this beautiful tale of man’s best friend. Jack Conroy is a young miner hoping to strike gold in the vast Alaskan wilderness. After Jack...

    Feb. 24 White Fang – 1991 – Rated PG
  • 6:30PM

    Surly and his friends are back to loving life in the city park, but their home may be in grave danger. The mayor of Oakton City is hustling a deal to bulldoze the city park in order to build a...

    Mar. 3 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature – 2017 – Rated PG
  • 4:30PM

    Captain Jack Sparrow is being sought by a band of ghost pirates led by his old nemesis, Captain Salazar. The ghost pirates have escaped from the Devil’s Triangle and are determined to kill every...

    Mar. 10 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – 2017 – Rated PG-13
  • 6:30PM

    Firefighter Eric Marsh works hard to finally get approval to form a front-line forest fire fighting crew. Follow Marsh and new recruits to the Prescott Fire Department on their challenging journey...

    Mar. 17 Only the Brave – 2017 – Rated PG-13
  • 6:30PM

    Rebellious heiress Ellie Andrews marries King Westley, but her wealthy father has the union annulled and takes Ellie away on the family yacht. When Ellie decides to literally jump ship and go to...

    Mar. 24 It Happened One Night – 1934 – Rated for General Audiences
  • 6:30PM

    Lee Strobel is an award-winning investigative reporter who only believes in the “facts.” When his young daughter and wife begin to turn to Christianity following a life-changing event, Lee sets...

    Mar. 31 The Case for Christ – 2017 – Rated PG