1700s Beadwork of Southeastern Tribes

“1700s Beadwork of Southeastern Tribes” exhibit is now open in the Holisso: The Center for the Study of Chickasaw History and Culture.

ccc.jpgCurrently on loan from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, this collection showcases beautiful beadwork from the Southeastern Native Tribes.

Neil Curtis, the Head of Museums at the University of Aberdeen, traveled from Scotland to install the exhibit.

beadwork-006.jpgbeadwork-010.jpgbeadwork-013.jpgThe exhibit features woven and beaded items that date back to the 1700s. 

beadwork-004.jpgThese exquisite pieces were collected by William Ogilvie, an alumna of University of Aberdeen, between 1765 and 1775. 

beadwork-018.jpgbeadwork-047.jpgbeadwork-045.jpgFor some of these items, this is the first time they have returned to the United States in more than 250 years.

This unique exhibit will be on display now through November 30 in the Holisso Research Center.

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