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  • Learn About Genealogy


    The Holisso: The Center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture features an extensive library and a collection of historical documents passed from generation to generation, including the Dawes rolls, Muster roll, annuity rolls, federal census records, historical records, cemetery records, government records and family files.

    This research center also houses genealogy and photography archives. Items can be donated for archiving purposes or visitors can make an appointment to have their documents and photographs preserved in the catalog system. 

    The process of archiving family...

  • Holiday Roundup!


    It was a Holly Jolly Christmas at the Chickasaw Cultural Center!

    The Celebration of Lights was bigger and better than ever!

    We added several new displays featuring traditional holiday themes.

    The Christmas Celebration was a day filled with family-friendly festivities!

    It wouldn’t be a Christmas celebration without pictures with Santa!

    Other activities included holiday crafts.

    These candy cane reindeer ornaments (pictured below) were a big hit with the kids!

    Following the Christmas Celebration was our dinner and movie event. 

    Each guest enjoyed an appetizer, salad, choice of entrée and choice...

  • Dugout Canoe Exhibit!


    “Dugout Canoes: Paddling through the Americas” is now open!

    This world-class Dugout Canoe Exhibit sprang from the world’s largest archaeological find – 101 ancient dugouts discovered in a dry lake bed in Florida just a decade ago.

    Located in the Aaittafama' Room, this exhibit includes hundreds of objects that showcase canoe-making, paddles, tools, fishing equipment, model canoes and more.

    Also, there are several hands-on activities, something the kids are sure to enjoy!

    There’s even a replica canoe to climb in, perfect for a family photo op!

    Did I mention there are ancient canoes on...