Chickasaw Summer House

img-0613.jpgThe Chikasha Inchokka' (“Chickasaw house”) Traditional Village is a recreation of a historical Native American village. Located in the Tradtional Village is the Toompalliꞌ chokkaꞌ or summer house. The summer house was a lighter structure designed to provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain.
 img-0641.jpgThe timbers that formed the walls of the summer house were made from thin strips of pine or cypress.

img-0628.jpgNotice how the building is the shape of a rectangle? This shape provided a long peaked roof, allowing the eaves to be vented –which let the breeze easily pass through the building.

img-0620.jpgAs you walk inside the summer house, you will notice several replica items that would have been used in the daily life of our Chickasaw ancestors. 

img-0621.jpgimg-0632.jpgimg-0634.jpgOn the weekends the Traditional Village comes to life as cultural demonstrators re-enact 18th-century Chickasaw life. The living village includes traditional regalia, stickball games, stomp dances, hide scraping and other activities that were common in the 1750s.

For more information about the Traditional Village, click here.

Anowa chipisala' cho!
(Until I see you again!)