Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a Movie. A classic combination.

The perfect date night. A fun family outing. A timeless tradition.

The Chickasaw Cultural Center offered it’s first-ever dinner and a movie last Saturday.

You could feel the excitement in the air. The guests were eager to try something new. The staff was buzzing with anticipation.

The soft music set the tone as guests arrived.

dinnermovie1.jpgThe menu was something to behold, a fine dining experience.

dinnermovie2.jpgThe appetizers, jumbo shrimp and risotto balls, melt in your mouth.

I loved all the beautiful colors in the spring salad.

dinnermovie3.jpgThe house vinaigrette was the perfect complement to the fruit and almonds. Delicious!

Following the salad was the main attraction!

Some guests opted for grilled chicken, and it looked incredible.

dinnermovie4.jpgI decided to go with the ribeye steak and it did not disappoint! The flavor was something magnificent!

dinnermovie5.jpgFor dessert, we had three options.

First was the raspberry cheesecake.

dinnermovie6.jpgI loved the raspberry hearts that adorned the plates. So appropriate for a Valentine dinner!

Second, and my personal favorite, was the turtle cheesecake.

dinnermovie7.jpgThe third dessert option was the Italian cream cake.

I told you the menu was something to behold!

Following the dinner was a movie on the four-story screen in the Anoli' Theater.

dinnermovie9.jpgWe show a movie every Saturday night. Did you know that for only $5 you can get your movie ticket, popcorn and a drink? It is a steal!

Last weekend we showed the “Man of Steel.” For more information about our Saturday Night Movies, visit the Anoli' Theater page.

It was such a lovely night. I enjoyed every minute of it.

dinnermovie10.jpgVisit our events page for details on more of our fun events like this!

I hope to see you soon!