IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks Exhibit

We are thrilled to welcome a very special exhibit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center!

Open now through Sept. 11, IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks exhibit features art created entirely out of toy bricks as well as several hands-on activities.

The incredible toy brick artwork also depicts Chickasaw culture. 

The brick village pictured above is based on the Chikasha Inchokka Traditional Chickasaw Village from the 1750s era. 

Did you know we have a real-life depiction of this village on campus

Several groups and individuals contributed to this wonderful exhibit!

-The City of Greeley Museums, Greeley, CO

-Heard Museum staff and volunteers, including Dave Shaddix, Lalo Cota and Navajo artist, Marlowe Katoney

-Chickasaw Nation Division of Creative Services, Multimedia Department

-Chickasaw Nation Science, Technology and Math Academy (STEM)

-Chickasaw Nation employee and Dreamcatcher artist, Paul Wall

-Chickasaw Cultural Center Staff

Thank you to everyone involved in bringing IKBI to the Chickasaw Cultural Center!

There is so much to see at the IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks exhibit! Plan your trip soon because this exhibit will close September 11!

Anowa chipisala' cho!
(Until I see you again!)