KFOR Visits the CCC!

img-3674.jpgLast week KFOR-TV visited the Chickasaw Cultural Center to film an episode of its "Is This State Great or What?” The segment featured stickball, chunky, stomp dancing and other activities in the Traditional Village.

It was such a fun day; I thought I’d share a few “behind the scenes” photos with you!

10535759-598408806934283-83880186655636010655435-598408823600948-10977246381551610644351-598407716934392-763138082834514To shoot the stickball shots, they attached a camera to an actual stickball stick!

10547780-598408633600967-499900681638689How cool is that?

Click here to watch the feature!

The Traditional Village is open every day. To learn more about activities and things to do on campus, visit our Events Page. 

I hope to see you soon!