Look What I Made!

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of attending a cultural class. It was so much fun! We made stickballs and you know what? It was pretty easy!


It was really interesting to learn about the history behind the balls. Chickasaws used to wrap the ball in deer hide because they believed that the deer spirit would make the ball swift and quick. Can you imagine how much time it took them to make the balls? They would cut the strips of the hide by hand and weave it around the ball.


Tribes would use games to settle a dispute instead of going to war. It has been said that the Chickasaws never lost a game. Today, the game of stickball is still alive. You might even get to play if you visit the cultural center!

I’m pretty happy with how my stickball turned out. It now has a proud place on my desk!


If you are interested in attending a cultural class, check out the events section of the website for a complete list of classes.

Until next time, Yakookay!