img-9520.jpgOne of the most popular activities at the Chickasaw Cultural Center is stickball. There are different ways to play stickball but at the Chickasaw Cultural Center we play “social games.” Social games are played men vs. women. Men use stickball sticks to catch and carry the ball, whereas women use their hands. 

11903793-419467158260486-393594673881861Chickasaw stickball sticks have a cup, shoulder and handle. They are made from hickory, pecan or ash wood.

11951898-422143144659554-147609678436132To score, players must hit a 30 ft. high pole with a small ball known as a stickball. Traditionally, stickballs are woven with leather; the more modern way to make a stickball is to utilize paracord. 

11059244-372565129617356-544471483338473 If players hit the painted part of the pole they receive one point. If players hit the fish, they receive two points.

10994593-349476361926233-360707897077591In ancient times, tribes would use stickball games to settle a dispute instead of going to war. It has been said that the Chickasaws never lost a game. Today, the game of stickball is still alive!

Next time you visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center be sure to join us for a social game!

Anowa chipisala' cho!
(Until I see you again!)