Stomp Dance

dsc2135-cultural-evening-16.jpgStomp dancing is a treasured tradition amongst Chickasaw people.

img-9471.jpgStomp dance songs are sung in a call-and-answer format with a male lead singer and backup singers. For social songs, the lead singer may use a handheld rattle or drum. For ceremonial songs, however, a rattle or drum is not used. Rattles can be made from many materials including, turtle shells, horns, gourds, cans, and coconuts.

img-3649.jpgWomen wear shakers made from box-turtles, deer toes, or cans, on their legs to keep the rhythm of the songs while the men sing.

4.jpgChickasaws dance around a sacred fire. It is believed the smoke from the fire carries our prayers up to the Creator.

Stomp dance demonstrations take place every day at the Chickasaw Cultural Center. On your next visit, participate in a stomp dance!

See you there!