Three Sisters Celebration 2015

img-9471.jpgIt’s hard to believe that the 2015 Three Sisters Celebration has come to an end! Time flies when you’re having fun!

The Three Sisters Celebration is our biggest event of the year. The two-week celebration pays homage to the ancient method of gardening known as the "Three Sisters." The term “Three Sisters” refers to corn, beans and squash. Each plant benefits the growth of one another. They provide long-term soil fertility and healthy crops of food.

There were so many activities happening around campus, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I loved seeing all the children with painted faces! They were very excited to learn about the different symbols and wore them with pride!

078-m2g6920-three-sisters.jpg001-m2g6758-three-sisters.jpg070-m2g6892-three-sisters.jpgAnother popular activity was the cultural crafts.

There were dozens of crafts to choose from, including flute decorating,

010-m3g6343-three-sisters.jpgBeaded necklaces,

026-m2g6692-three-sisters.jpgLeather bracelets,

018-m2g6794-three-sisters.jpgpinch pots and more!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Chickasaw Cultural Center Celebration without a game of stickball!

Before the games began, visitors received a quick lesson.

img-9490.jpgIt didn’t take long for the players to catch on!

005-m2g6769-three-sisters.jpgWe played men versus women and the girls won! 

img-9520.jpgThe Three Sisters stew was on-site every day for guests to sample.

020-m2g6797-three-sisters.jpgNamed for its ingredients, the Three Sisters Stew is a delicious medley of corn, beans and squash.

The 2015 Three Sisters Celebration was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who visited!

For more information about our special events, visit the “Events” section on our website.

Until next time, chinittakat chinchokma'sha (Have a nice day)!