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  • IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks Exhibit

    We are thrilled to welcome a very special exhibit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center!

    Open now through Sept. 11, IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks exhibit features art created entirely out of toy bricks as well as several hands-on activities.

    The incredible toy brick artwork also depicts Chickasaw culture. 

    The brick village pictured above is based on the Chikasha Inchokka Traditional Chickasaw Village from the 1750s era. 

    Did you know we have a real-life depiction of this village on campus

    Several groups and individuals contributed to this...

  • Stickball


    One of the most popular activities at the Chickasaw Cultural Center is stickball. There are different ways to play stickball but at the Chickasaw Cultural Center we play “social games.” Social games are played men vs. women. Men use stickball sticks to catch and carry the ball, whereas women use their hands. 

    Chickasaw stickball sticks have a cup, shoulder and handle. They are made from hickory, pecan or ash wood.

    To score, players must hit a 30 ft. high pole with a small ball known as a stickball. Traditionally, stickballs are woven with leather; the more modern way to make a stickball...

  • 2015 Easter Celebration


    It’s springtime at the Chickasaw Cultural Center! The flowers are blooming and the weather is gorgeous!

    This month we hosted our annual Easter Celebration. It was a day filled with fun activities including a giant Easter Egg Hunt –with 10,000 eggs!

    Of course, the Easter Bunny was on campus to greet every visitor!

    The Holisso Research Center was the place to be for making Easter crafts! Children decorated eggs and made darling bunny ears out of paper plates! It was so cute!

    Over in the Anoli' Theater, visitors were captivated by the magic show!

    My favorite part of the show was when the...