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Aapisa' Art Gallery Features Jim Trosper

Aapisa' Art Gallery Features Jim Trosper

MAY 6 - AUGUST 31, 2023

The Aapisa' Art Gallery will spotlight Chickasaw artists each season. Now through Aug. 31, we are featuring Jim Trosper’s breathtaking photography. Exhibited art is available for purchase directly from the Aapisa' Art Gallery.


About the Artist

Jim Trosper is a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in photographic arts. He enjoys all aspects of photography and is always up for a challenge. According to Jim, the fundamentals of photography are essential to set up a good photo, but the real key to a great photo is the emotion that it conveys. He believes that the emotion must come from both sides of the camera, and if he stays passionate and pursues a great image, he always seems to end up in the perfect spot to capture the desired emotion from his subject.

Jim's process involves a long exposure technique that allows him to connect feelings to his photos, making them more appealing to his viewers. His series of photographs is characterized by vivid colors and dynamic lighting, which instills a sense of adventure in his work. To amplify this feeling, his work is presented on aluminum metal that gives a high gloss reflection, requiring viewers to look past themselves to experience the photos in full. His primary goal has always been to enjoy the work that he does, and as long as he remains passionate about it, he is confident that his goals are within reach. Jim hopes to expand and develop his artwork throughout his life.

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