Aapisa' Art Gallery Features Billy Hensley

Upon reopening, the Chickasaw Cultural Center debuts a newly renovated Aapisa' Art Gallery in the Chikasha Poya Exhibit Center.

Each season, the Aapisa' will spotlight various Chickasaw artists. Our inaugural exhibit features Billy Hensley, who integrates history, culture, and unique artistic techniques into bold and vibrant artworks. Hensley’s exhibited art will be sold at the Aapisa' Art Gallery, and more of his work may be found at the Aachompa' Gallery Gift Shop. 

Artist Statement: 

 The inspiration for my work comes from a desire to connect; with my past, my tribe, family, and the future. I have a strong desire to share the history of my people and also tell the story of what it means to be Chickasaw today. Through the use of traditional imagery and cultural symbols, I attempt to bring Chickasaw culture and artwork to the forefront. I am standing on the foundation of a rich history created by my ancestors with my eye on the future. I paint mainly with acrylic, often using bold colors and various striping techniques. My work is constantly evolving through experimentation with new techniques and mediums. I find inspiration in everyday life and the nostalgia it brings. I feel the subject of a painting is irrelevant; it is the emotional response to the subject that truly matters. Through my work, I hope to encourage interest in the history of the Chickasaw people and insight into what it means to be Chickasaw today.


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