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Aapisa' Art Gallery Features Lisa Hudson and Tyson Hudson

Aapisa' Art Gallery Features Lisa Hudson and Tyson Hudson

JANUARY 17 - APRIL 15, 2023

The Aapisa' Art Gallery will spotlight Chickasaw artists each season. Now through April 15, we are featuring Lisa Hudson’s breathtaking photography and Tyson Hudson’s unique digital works. Exhibited art is available for purchase directly from the Aapisa' Art Gallery.


About the artists:

Lisa Hudson

Lisa Hudson is a Chickasaw photographer from Davis, Oklahoma. Lisa's interest in art began when she was young, which was fueled by a tradition passed down from her mother, Betty Hudson-Tyson. In her early years, Lisa’s introduction to art was through painting and sketch work, but now her primary focus is photography.

Lisa’s interest in photography was peaked during her time at the Chickasaw Cultural Center. This is when she began to use photography as a tool to showcase the beauty of the Chickasaw people and their culture. Since that time, she has expanded the scope of her lens to the entirety of the Chickasaw Nation. Lisa seeks to preserve the identity of her Homeland and its people by gaining the attention of a broader audience through the imagery she creates.


Tyson Hudson

Tyson Hudson is a Chickasaw artist with a passion for painting. He resides in his hometown, Davis, Oklahoma, where he finds inspiration in nature and wildlife. Tyson showed an interest and talent in art and painting from a young age. Not surprisingly, a career in art was a natural progression.

Tyson attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he received bachelor’s degrees in fine arts and graphic design. While there, he was able to enhance his skill in various mediums, including the painting style and digital work for which he is known. He likes to combine the imagination he developed as a child and the skills he honed as an adult to create vibrant works of art that make the canvas come to life.

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