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  • USS Chickasaw Exhibit

    The “USS Chickasaw” exhibit is now open in the Holisso: The Center for the Study of Chickasaw History and Culture.

    This exhibit features items donated by the men who served on the USS Chickasaw, a Milwaukee-class ironclad vessel commissioned in 1864. A state-of the-art warship during World War II and the Korean War, the USS Chickasaw housed 138 men, including officers and enlisted personnel. It was the first of three U.S. naval ships named for the Chickasaws and was commissioned over 150 years ago.

    Included in the exhibit is a scale model of the USS Chickasaw by Robert...

  • The Butterfly Garden

    At the Chickasaw Cultural Center we are on a mission to save the Monarch butterfly!

    According to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), the Monarch population has significantly declined in the past 20 years. In that time, over 900 million Monarchs have vanished.

    The recent decline in monarch butterflies is due to a decrease in milkweed, the sole food source and home for Monarch caterpillars.
    In an effort to restore the Monarch population, the Chickasaw Cultural Center has created a Butterfly Garden filled with milkweed and other pollinator plants. Pollinator...

  • IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks Exhibit

    We are thrilled to welcome a very special exhibit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center!

    Open now through Sept. 11, IKBI: Build with Toy Bricks exhibit features art created entirely out of toy bricks as well as several hands-on activities.

    The incredible toy brick artwork also depicts Chickasaw culture. 

    The brick village pictured above is based on the Chikasha Inchokka Traditional Chickasaw Village from the 1750s era. 

    Did you know we have a real-life depiction of this village on campus

    Several groups and individuals contributed to this...