Cultural Class: Mini Bows

The Chickasaw Cultural Center offers daily Cultural Classes where visitors learn about Chickasaw history and culture through hands on activities led by a Cultural Demonstrator.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Mini Bows class.

img-9344.jpgThis is fairly simple craft to make. We used thin strips of wood that had been soaked in water.

After soaking the wood for 30 minutes, it becomes fairly flexible.

Once the wood is flexible enough to bend, attach a piece of string to each end, creating a bow.

b-pkm7tceaamr-8.jpgTrim the excess string and you’re done!

Oh! and I have a little insider tip- a toothpick makes the perfect arrow. It is just the right size!

The Mini Bows Class is one of many activities offered at the Chickasaw Cultural Center. For more information about our upcoming Cultural Classes, visit our events page.