Dugout Canoe Exhibit!

“Dugout Canoes: Paddling through the Americas” is now open!

This world-class Dugout Canoe Exhibit sprang from the world’s largest archaeological find – 101 ancient dugouts discovered in a dry lake bed in Florida just a decade ago.

img-4110.jpgLocated in the Aaittafama' Room, this exhibit includes hundreds of objects that showcase canoe-making, paddles, tools, fishing equipment, model canoes and more.

Also, there are several hands-on activities, something the kids are sure to enjoy!

There’s even a replica canoe to climb in, perfect for a family photo op!

img-4085.jpgDid I mention there are ancient canoes on display? The canoe pictured below is made from a cypress tree and dates back to the 1500s.
 img-4167.jpgDon’t miss this one of a kind exhibit, open now through May 6!