Learn About Genealogy

jks-3687-facilities-for-web-04.jpgThe Holisso: The Center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture features an extensive library and a collection of historical documents passed from generation to generation, including the Dawes rolls, Muster roll, annuity rolls, federal census records, historical records, cemetery records, government records and family files.

ks-7837-culture-15.jpgThis research center also houses genealogy and photography archives. Items can be donated for archiving purposes or visitors can make an appointment to have their documents and photographs preserved in the catalog system. 

3.jpgThe process of archiving family documentation is fairly simple. Once an item is donated, it will then be digitized and stored in our catalog system under the family name the item belongs to.

mdk8171-cultural-center-026.jpgTo make an appointment to view genealogy records, request research information or learn more about the Research Center, please call 580-622-7130 or email archives@chickasaw.net or genealogy@chickasaw.net.