Sun Circles

The campus grounds at the cultural center are a sight to see. Featuring natural elements like wood, stone and copper, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for our visitors.

One of my favorite places to view our natural environment is the Oka' Aabiniili' (“a place for sitting on the water”) Water Pavilion. The Oka' Aabiniili' Water Pavilion features a deck that extends over a serenely landscaped pond. Guests can take in the tranquility of the area and view of the fountain that serves as the centerpiece of the Aaholiitobli' Honor Garden.

1f.jpgLocated around the pond are the Sun Circles & Shell Ornaments sculpted by Chickasaw artist Joanna Underwood. These sculptures represent pottery designs and shell carvings from our early ancestors. In ancient times it was common for our ancestors to carve and fashion shells into ornaments for personal adornments. 

img-1330.jpgThe Sun represents the creator. The Creator is the giver of light, life and spirituality.

ks-2706-culture-camp-2015-12.jpgThe woodpecker is a warrior motif. It symbolizes the strength, courage and determination of the Chickasaw people. 

ks-2717-culture-camp-2015-16.jpgThe Four Directions or Cross represents the four seasons, four directions and the logs of the sacred fire. 

img-1363.jpgThe Spider comes from an ancient oral tradition. The story tells of how spider brought fire to mankind in a mud bowl on her back. The fire backed the mud and created a clay pot.

ks-2654-culture-camp-2015-05.jpgOn your next visit, be sure to take an up-close look at these beautiful sculptures.

Anowa chipisala' cho!
(Until I see you again!)